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Dorf Kapelle
351 N. Cherry St. #9
Hortonville, WI 54944
(920) 779-0218 Home
(715) 927-0063 Cell

Dorf Kapelle (Village Band) is the creation of Mr. Ernest Broeniman, retired high school instrumental music teacher of Plymouth WI, a recognized authority on European Band music. In his youth Mr. Broeniman was an active musician playing with many of Wisconsin’s finest polka bands. Well into his teaching career he introduced the music of the village bands of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Czechoslovakia to his students. This 40-piece band performed fo 15 year under his direction in Wisconsin and surrounding states. Upon retirement Mr. Broeniman continued performing the music of these countries with professional musicians. The result was Dorf Kapelle.

Dorf Kapelle, complete with vocalist Gunther Uhlig who is German born and has a vast repertoire of folk music of Europe. Musicians of Dorf Kapelle are the finest professional and semi-professional musicians of eastern Wisconsin. The majority of the musicians of the band are music teachers.

Dorf Kapelle entertains throughout Wisconsin, performs regularly at German Fest in Milwaukee and a host of other events. Besides entertainment and excellent performance, these musicians are dedicated to the reproduction of European wind music performed in the true ethnic style of its origin.

For more information about the band or music performed contact (920) 779-0218, (715) 927-0063 (cell), e-mail godorfin@sbcglobal.net, or visit www.dorfkapelle.com.

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